Bambrella has been making garden furniture and umbrellas since 1996 and is part of the international group Woodstock. Originally the company comes from Indonesia, in the year 2010 they moved to China and has started production from there. The reason for the move was due primarily to the greater availability of raw material Moso bamboo, a special type of bamboo, which is both suitable for outdoor use and also is a FSC (Forest Stewardship Control) certified raw material.

Meanwhile, Bambrella has often proved itself in the market, as high-quality garden furniture, which is exemplified by different patented techniques and innovative designs; but above all it is the laminated bamboo parasols that have established Bambrella. The patented connection system allows, the particularly long bamboo lamellae to be connected to each other easily; additionally bamboo from Bambrella is weather resistant and is not affected by inherent problems such as black mold or mildew. These high-quality characteristic sets Bambrella apart from other manufacturers and imitations.

Popular Models By Bambrella

The classic bamboo-/ wood parasol Levante Bambrella impresses with its extremely stable construction and thanks to the laminated bamboo it also portrays visually of a very high level of quality. It is as suitable for the home garden, as it is for the commercial sector and portrays its surroundings as rustic with an exotic touch. In addition, the Levant can be completed with many accessories:

  • Bambrella Cases – the Bambrella protection case is available in different sizes and is equipped with a zipper, a pulling rope and a push rod.
  • Bambrella Ground Shell – As far as anchoring your Bambrella to the ground, we offer a ground shell available in different versions, so that the parasol can withstand high wind speeds up to 90km/h.

We're Here to Help

Would you like to learn more about the quality of products by Bambrella or are you interested in a specific model? In this case, we would be happy to give you advice, practical help and assist you in choosing the right parasol. We also give you valuable tips for care and explain how the structure of the parasol works exactly. Simply contact us via our hotline with the number 0541 - 200 27 31 or send us an email via our contact form. We look forward to your call!

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