Überzug Piazzino lose 350cm rund

Cover Piazzino loose 350cm
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Ersatzbespannung Piazzino
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Cover Piazzino loose 350cm
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Size ∅ 350 cm
Weight 1
Fabric quality Material class 4 100% polyester abt. 250 g/m², dope-dyed, staple fibre, light fastness 7, UPF 50+, dirt and water repellent, anti-rotting. Optimal protection against UV rays. Colours 400 - 499., Material class 5 100% acrylic abt. 300 g/m², dope-dyed, light fastness 7 - 8, UPF 50+, Scotchgard®- or Teflon®-coated. Optimal protection against UV rays. Colours 500 - 699.
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