Finally there is someone who takes everybody under his protection.

Sunrays are like champagne for the soul. Or adventurers for a child’s heart. The sun makes us happy, there is no doubt about that. The reasons are of biochemical nature: Clear light stimulates our circulation and has a beautifully relaxing effect.

But be careful. A part of the sunray mix is harmful - the UV rays. By now everyone is aware of these dangers. Umbrellas by SunLiner protect you against them. Selected fabrics offer UV protection according to Australian standards. 

Where the sun burns, the colours quickly fade away. Too good that you bear that in mind. But with us you don’t have to worry. We offer you fabric collections with a high degree of light fastness.

So you can enjoy the nice colours for a long time. That’s for sure!


Most probably only the FBI can offer better protection


Finally the sun is back. Finally we can live and enjoy life again. When the sun shines, one’s own garden becomes an ideal vacation resort. Let’s only hope that you may benefit from a first-class service there. A sunshade, for example, should offer you lots of user comfort. It’s worth bearing that in mind.

Our umbrellas - especially made by Glatz - are designed under strict observation of the ergonomic principles. The use is precisely adapted to the natural movements of a human body.

That spares you the trouble of exhausting contorsion exercises, and you can easily and effortlessly move the sunshade into the right position at any time. This is not irrelevant. After all, the sun moves across the sky all day long. Those who don’t want to move the sunshade continuously from one place to another in order to enjoy the cool shade do well to opt for a Glatz sunshade offering a more extensive shade radius. Only than can one really enjoy a sunny day.


Sunny outlook, also on dull days.

A sunshade proofs to be really nice only if it maintains its perfect shape for many years.

After all, even the cheapest sunshade looks good in a store. But only a few weeks make the difference and show what a quality sunshade really looks like and how it performs. 

The quality umbrella of our manufacturers make sure that you get a sunshade that continues working in a perfect way even after many years. Fact is that only first-class materials are used here. In addition, our manufacturers closely watch and follow the development of new technologies that can further increase the quality. The production processes are therefore always at an absolute top level. 



The collection that perfectly fits your home.

Architecture is made of lots of passion and life-blood. Even the smallest details are reviewed time and time again in order to make sure that everybody is fully satisfied.

This general euphoria slows down when it comes to more general matters. That’s a pity! The sunshades in particular are, indeed, an important part of a home’s overall picture.

The colours and patterns of the sunshade roof are of great importance. All the more so as the bold colours are again in. Glatz has got the message and offers you a material collection that allows you to set the tone without any intention of competing with architecture. 

Your wish to keep up with the latest fashions is also taken into account. In fact, the roof covers of many of our umbrellas sunshades can be replaced without any problem. This is possible at any moment, also when there is no real need to do so. The excellent fabric quality lets you indeed enjoy your sunshade for many seasons.