Textile Verbundrinne Jumbrella CXL 550 x 550cm

...don't leave your guests out in the rain, create new spaces!
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Textile Verbundrinnne / RegenrinneTextile Verbundrinnne / RegenrinneTextile Verbundrinne Jumbrella CXL 550 x 550cm
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The textile composite gutter is used to connect several BaHaMa Jumbrella CXL umbrellas of size 550x550. It can ONLY be used with pre-set umbrellas (NOT retrofittable). The composite gutter consists of: 1. moulded textile gutter part, screw-in ring eyelets, shackles, V2A adjusting chain, karabiner hooks, 3 two-part metal tube stabilizers, as well as instructions for hanging and adjusting. The textile gutter part, which is cut to one-sided slope, is in the same fabric colour as the screen membrane, unless expressly confirmed. CAUTION: Only square BaHaMa Jumbrella CXL all-weather umbrellas of the SAME size can be interconnected! You will receive the pre-fitting free of charge and automatically when ordering several BaHaMa Jumbrella and the corresponding number of composite gutters from us!!!
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