The best protection from sun - the umbrella


The umbrella is used for protection from sun. Concerning its history:

While in Central Europe umbrellas are mostly used with a stand (e.g. in cafes or balconies) they were often held in the hand until early 20th century. Compared to umbrellas used for protection against rain they were not weatherproof and their cover was often smaller. In the shape of huge canopies held by servants umbrellas were used for the first time in europe. In 17th century the smaller, handheld umbrella was developed, which has been an irreplaceable accesoire of women when being outside until approx. 1915/1920. Color, shape, length and number of struts changed depending on the fashion of these times.

In southern countries as Japan or Spain handheld umbrellas are still used today (mostly by women), not only in order to protect against the hot sun but also in order not to acquire a tan. Distinguished paleness is is thought to be attractive as it is easy to get tanned by just being outside anyway. Traditionally only people in lower jobs as farmers, construction workers work outside. Because of this a pale skin is an indication for upper class people or people working inside (if at all). Although this attitude has partly diminished many Japanese women at any age use umbrellas as a protection from sun.

Market umbrellas, wooden umbrellas, offset umbrellas, aluminium umbrellas, huge umbrellas and gastronomy umbrellas describe different types of umbrellas regarding to their intended us, size, manufacture or material.

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