In gastronomy it is economically very important to use the outdoor area efficiently. Free-hanging umbrellas as the Sombrano don't block any room under the roof and thus are perfectly applicable for Restaurants etc.


But this is not the only advantage. When it comes to style no other umbrella puts something across the Sombrano. In addition to that, handling is extremely easy. Using the crank your personnel can open and close the umbrella in no time at all. Depending on the position of the sun the sun roof can be conveniently tilted with a handle bar in different angles up to 54°. If necessary, the Sombrano can be even rotated around its axis which guarantees a refreshing shade for your guests at all times. Another striking point is the construction. The Sombrano can handle wind speeds of up to 40km/h. This is possible due to the selection of materials. Being made of weather proof aluminium and inox, the Sombrano stands for the traditional high durability of Glatz products. The elegant impression is complemented by outstanding fabrics which are sewed up cleanly. Every restaurant and catering business will benefit from that!