Palazzo M8

No matter how the summer will be like, the Palazzo M8 makes it last a little bit longer. Whether sun, wind or cold weather - the big roof provides comfortable protection for your guests. Therewith it opens up a new option for entrepeneurs: The Palazzo M8 as an all-season smokers' lounge. No matter what one thinks about that - on the long run there is no way to avoid the smoking ban. That's why it is good to search for new possibilities - and Glatz provides them. With it large dimensions the Palazzo M8 doesn't only provide excellent protection against solar irradiation. It also can be perfectly used as a smokers' lounge which can be even equipped with a heating system during cold seasons. With its robust nature the Palazzo M8 is absolutely qualified for locations near waters or breezy areas (as foehn areas) since it (depending on the size) can be used with wind speeds of up to 70km/h.