Palazzo M16

The umbrella for the broad outdoor gastronomy. Despite its size the Palazzo M16 appears to be surprisingly lightweight and elegant and doesn't only invite "sun kings" to stay. With the Palazzo M16 it is possible to create attractive umbrella landscapes which give restaurants, bars and as well sales booths a noble touch. Do you want an example? Even the well known star cook Paul Bocuse uses a Palazzo M16 to provide shade for his guests.


Besides its optical amenities the Palazzo provides many functional features which make the handling easier and more efficient. With the optional motor for instance the roof closes efortlessly above tables and chairs. By request this umbrella can also be equipped with lightening and heating. The Palazzo M16 is anything but only a fair-weather-umbrella. Its robust construction also provides protection against rain and wind speeds of up to 70km/h. And since the fabric parts can be easily replaced, the Palazzo M16 will definitely last for many years.