Mobilständer 460kg für BaHaMa Jumbrella


Universal mobile stand 460kg, suitable for umbrella size:

  • 630cm (round)
  • 700cm (round)
  • 600x400cm (rectangular)
  • 600x450cm (rectangular)
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Mobilständer imagemobilständer verpacktMobilständer Standrohr abschließbar400V-Elektro Aufrüstung
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Universal mobile stand 460kg, 120x120cm, 4 corner levelling, total height approx.12-18 cm, bend-resistant steel cassette, hot-dip galvanised, white coated, incl. shaped individual elements in decorative concrete (light).

More Information
Base weight 460 kg
Material Plattenständer mit Platten
form square
Sockelabmessung 120x120 cm
Mode of shipment Shipping company
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