Mobilständer 460kg für BaHaMa Jumbrella


Universal mobile stand 460kg, suitable for umbrella size:

  • 630cm (round)
  • 700cm (round)
  • 600x400cm (rectangular)
  • 600x450cm (rectangular)
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Mobilständer imagemobilständer verpacktMobilständer Standrohr abschließbar400V-Elektro Aufrüstung
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Universal mobile stand 460kg, 120x120cm, 4 corner levelling, total height approx.12-18 cm, bend-resistant steel cassette, hot-dip galvanised, white coated, incl. shaped individual elements in decorative concrete (light).

More Information
Weight 1
Base weight 460 kg
Material Plattenständer mit Platten
form square
Sockelabmessung 120x120 cm
Mode of shipment Shipping company
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