LiRo Midi 60kg Rollensockel (rund)


The ingenious Lift & Roll technology with its sophisticated lever mechanism allows the solid parasol stand to be moved without the use of force. The LiRo rolls on all solid surfaces such as tiles, wood, slabs or concrete.

  • The standard clamp locks the parasol by means of three screws.
  • The comfort clamping arrests by means of a toggle and is very easy to handle, especially if you take the umbrella out of the base often.

The LiRo Midi 60 can be ordered with a flexible clamp (pole diameter 25 - 53mm)
or a quick clamp (pole diameter 35, 38/39, 50 & 55mm).

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Liro Midi 60kg Rollensockel graphitLiRo Midi 60kg Rollensockel (rund)Liro Midi 60kg Rollensockel anthrazitFlexible KlemmungSchnellverschlußLiRo Midi 60kg Rollensockel (rund)
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Product Configuration
die Standardklemmung arretiert den Schirm mittels drei Schrauben
die Komfortklemmung arrtiert mittels eines Knebels und ist sehr einfach in der Handhabung, besonders wenn Sie den schirm öfter aus dem Sockel herausnehmen.
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The LiRo is made of high quality materials such as aluminium and stainless steel as well as galvanized and then powder-coated steel parts. The hoods are impact resistant, UV and weather resistant special plastic, i.e. even after years the colors do not fade. The parasol stand is tensioned by 3 stainless steel screws with angle plates. The angle plates have the task of protecting the parasol pole. In the umbrella tube is an automatic drainage available, thus a swelling of the wooden umbrella and frost damage is avoided.

More Information
Weight 1
Base weight 60 kg
Material Stahl verzinkt, Beton/Kunststoffhaube
form round
Sockelabmessung Durchmesser 61cm
Durchmesser Standrohr 25 - 53 mm
Mode of shipment Parcel service
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