Wood umbrella

What about a wood umbrella?


Outdoor furniture made of wood is trendy right now! Bangkirai, teak and other sorts of hard wood enjoy great popularity, thus a wood umbrella fits perfectly. We provide wood umbrellas made by Zangenberg and Glatz in different sizes and shapes, reaching from 2m (round) to 3x4m (angled).

The wood umbrella series made by Zangenberg is captivating with optical details as leather angles, struts strengthened with metal, double cable pull and a lot more.

The wood umbrella Glatz Alexo is a classic, it has been manufactured without any changes since more than 70 years. Because of its timeless design and finest craftsmanshift it is a reliable partner for sunshade.

The teak umbrella made by Glatz is one of the noblest wood umbrellas. It is made of teak wood and can be delivered with a cover of the high-quality fabric family 5.