Glatz Sombrano Sockel M4 180kg, feuerverzinkt

A set of plates is absolutely necessary and must be ordered separately. The slabs of the size 40x40x4cm are alternatively available in every hardware store. (Fig. shows the base of the lower weight class 120 kg with all components: base frame, concrete slab set and stand tube)
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Glatz Sockel M4 180kg
Depicted or described accessories are partly not included at delivery.
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The base M4 180 kg The material of the frame is steel (hot-dip galvanized). Can be used 12 plates (not included in the price), which give the base a weight of 180 kg The Sombrano and Sombrano S+ models do not require a support tube.
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Base weight 180 kg
Material Plattenständer ohne Platten, Stahl (pulverbeschichtet)
form square
Sockelabmessung 91 x 91 x 15.5 - 19.5 cm
Mode of shipment Shipping company
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