Gastronomy umbrellas

How to provide shade for guests in a right way


What is put on the table is important. What is put above the table in the summer, is even more important. The sales of a beer garde or open-air restaurant are not just up to the weather. The ambience is as well essential. That's the reason why gastronomy umbrellas are a popular entertainer. How the summer can even be extended by the mediterranean oasis is shown by the umbrellas by Glatz, Zangenberg and Bahama. Everyone likes to be outside when it's spring, which means that the summer season has begun - an important source of income for outdoor gastronomy. Changing weather often is a problem for the owners: "Changing weather has shown that an umbrella used for gastronmic purposes has to be able to do more than just give shade. On this we have reacted.", says Markus Glatz.

The product line of SunLiner GmbH has been optimized to the needs of  gastronomy. "Robust, good-looking and multifunctional!". To be weatherproof is the basis, the design has to spread atmosphere and as well accord with a certain style of architecture. "Important are the special features"; gastronomy umbrellas have to be able to be operated above the tables without annoying the customers and without moving around the furniture.

Additional accessories as for instance heaters or lights make it possible to continue business even in cold nights. Outdoor gastronomy has it's very special needs. Angled terraces are no rarity. We carry small- to largesized umbrellas in a variety of shapes. Combined in a right way they can cover every possible shapes and areas. SunLiner umbrellas are geared to these special needs. You as a gastronomy owner know, what is important!

Using our all-weather umbrellas you can increase your sales enormously - especially in the transitional period! A gastronomy umbrella is extremely stressed - it isn't just used as sunshade but should protect your guests from rain, wind and weather. What's good for the guest is good for the gastronome, too!

We only provide high-quality items made by the market leaders Zangenberg, Glatz AG and Bahama.

Concerning umbrellas there exist essential differences in quality regarding to material and manufacture. Our gastronomy umbrellas has been tested inside a wind tunnel and are able to resist wind speeds of more than 90km/h. The fabrics used are partly conform with the highest light fastnesses (according to DIN) and thus keep their color for many years.

If you have any additional question - we would be happy to advice you! Simply contact us by writing an email or by telling us your phonenumber - we will call you back, as you are used to it from your specialist dealer.