Formschöne, waschbare Mund-Nasen-Maske (10 Stk.)


- 100% Made in Germany

- Mask washable at least 60 degrees

- Material / Composition 50% Polyester, 43% Cotton, 7% Elastane

- Comfortable to wear mask with integrated forming wire for perfect fit at mouth and nose

- With soft elastic bands around the ears

- Protects against cold (e.g. when jogging)

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The mouth-nose mask from SunLiner


  • Reduces droplet expulsion, e.g. when coughing
  • Visibly supports awareness of "social distancing" and health-related mindful interaction with others
  • Helps prevent accidental face grabbing - With soft elastic bands around the ears - Protects against cold (e.g. when jogging)
  • With woven-in gathering system
  • White
  • Other colours from week 18

Before use

  • Wash the mask before first use
  • Please wash hands and face thoroughly with soap for at least 30 seconds before and after removing the mask.

After use

  • Theoutside of the used mask ispotentially contaminated with pathogens. To prevent contamination of the hands, avoid touching it if possible.
  • The mask should be stored ina bag or similar airtight containerafter removal or washed immediately. Storage should be for as short a time as possible, especially to prevent mould growth.

Instructions for use Mouth-nose mask

  • When putting on the mask , take care not to contaminate the inside.

Important information

  • The mask is neither a respiratornor a medical device nor personal protective equipment in thesense of the law .
  • Please wear the mask only over your mouth and nose and take it off or change it if it becomes wet.
  • Even when wearing the mask, please keep the safety distance of at least 1.5 m from other people, as recommended by the WHO.

Cleaning / Care

  • After a single use, the mask should ideallybe washed at 90 degrees, but at least at 60 degrees, and then dried completely. This is a recommendation from the Robert Koch Institute against Corona viruses.
  • The rubber bands are also temperature resistant (suitable for boil wash 90 degrees)
  • The mask is intended for private use only, does not provide protection against infections and other harmful substances and is not intended for use in health care.
  • The mask does not provide self-protection, but only reduces the spread of infectious saliva droplets by the wearer.
  • The mask has not been clinically tested and is not certified.

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