What is a valance?

Umbrellas and in particular the covers (also called membranes) on the umbrella frame are offered in a huge variety. The valance is a part of the cover and is located at the end of the struts. Modern umbrellas usually don't have a valance, but a classic umbrella comes with a valance which  of 25-30cm for instance (large umbrellas). The quality of an umbrella can be seen at a valance as well; depending on how solid a valance is stitched, the better the fit of the membrane.


Arguments for a valance:


  1. You like the classic shape
  2. You would like to use the umbrella for advertising purposes
  3. Longer protection against setting sun


Arguments against a valance:


  1. You like the modern, straight shape
  2. A valance can cause noise when it is windy


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