Care instructions/modes of cleaning

Please pay attention to the following care instructions/modes of cleaning in order to take much pleasure in using your umbrella for a long time:

  • the fabric mustn't be left furled over a longer period in a wet or humid state
  • immediately remove leaves and excrements of insects if possible (starting point of  microbial affection)
  • it's the best to clean impurities with a soft brush
  • Stains can be cleaned with lukewarm water, a soft brush and a detergent. Afterwards rinse it with clear water, let it dry and possibly use an impregnating agent.
  • Aggresive detergents must not be used (pH-value 7)!
  • Pleasy pay attention not to let closed umbrellas flutter in the wind.
  • The fabric should not come in contact with walls or be trapped while opening/closing/moving the umbrella.
  • deviant instructions can be found at your umbrella cover