Airtex - extremely lightfast and waterproof

Everyone who doesn't want to make any compromises in the field of umbrellas, will decide in favor of an umbrella with an airtex cover.

...the material:

  • Airtex ist the ideal material for all camping and sunscreen purposes. Established and advanced since more than 20 years, airtex provides a high degree of quality constancy.
  • The use of exclusive threads and special coating of the surfaces lays the foundation for application in the field of camping and sunscreen
  • low weight, high breaking strength and breathable composition of the canvas and a textile nature characterize the material
  • High water and ultraviolet resistance let the umbrella keep a perfect visual effect for a long time. Furthermore, it is possible to wash it without any difficulty. Airtex is available in a huge variety of colors. Every custom color will be produced by request.

... technical data:

  • fabric 100% PES
  • coating onesided acryl-dirt-repellent because of teflon - washable up to 30° using mild detergent
  • width DIN 53851 170 cm
  • weight per unit area DIN 53854 200 g/m²
  • breaking load DIN 53857/1 chain approx.. 130 daN/5 cm shot ca. 120 daN/5 cm
  • tear resistance DIN 53356 through chain > 2,5 daN through shot  > 2,3 daN
  • spray test EN 24920 80 Note
  • water pressure resistance DIN 53886 > 50 hPA = 500 mm water column
  • light fastness DIN 54004 6 – 8 depending on different dessins/colors
  • fastness to weathering DIN 54071 6 – 8 depending on different dessins/colors