Corona-Schutzvorhang / Kassenschutz


With this curtain you protect your staff and yourself from viruses / COVID19. This protective curtain is very easy to install.

The cash register protection is: 100x100cm, weight approx. 1kg

In light gray 9653 immediate delivery program

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Corona-Schutzvorhang / KassenschutzCorona-Schutzvorhang / KassenschutzCorona-Schutzvorhang / Kassenschutz
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Pharmacies, bakeries, retail grocery stores and other industries have been exempted from store closures. However, front-line customer service employees risk their health every time they come into contact with customers. The Corona Protective Curtain can be easily suspended from the ceiling and has a recessed aluminum rod at both the top and bottom so it can be neatly stretched (or just hang nicely). The curtain can be shipped directly to stores and quickly installed on site itself! Compared to plexiglass, there are no sharp edges, can't chip or break, and the curtain is very lightweight, so it can be hung virtually anywhere.


  • MayTex-Poly (acrylic coated, finished and impregnated on both sides)
  • Clear film, 0.5 mm thick, (proven for years in outdoor catering) can be cleaned with soapy water (max. 5% pure soap content, then rinse with water), when cleaned with disinfectant the material becomes cloudy and milky (depending on dosage and sun exposure)
  • Hollow aluminium profile,
  • D=18mm Dimensions: 100 cm long, 100 cm high. Weight: approx. 1 kg Made in Germany, i.e. for larger purchase quantities individual designs can also be manufactured and advertising imprints can be applied.
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Weight 1
Fabric quality MayTex Poly, PVC
Mode of shipment Parcel service
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