Bahama Bodenhülse Jumbrella mit Kippgelenk

with practical stand-up hinge! Suitable for round size: 400cm, 450cm, 500cm, square: 353x353cm, 400x400cm, 450x450cm, rectangular 400x300cm
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Kippgelenk (Ober und Unterteil)
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this base group enables the comfortable assembly and disassembly of the all-weather umbrellas BaHaMa Jumbrella and Arco. Suitable for the series Jumbrella and Jumbrella Wave The original BaHaMa tilt joint is available in three versions: 1. Standard = for umbrellas without electrical accessories 2. for umbrellas with electrical equipment light and/or SOund 3. for umbrellas with heating (400V)
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