Bahama Magnum

Discover the oversized all-season umbrella BaHaMa Magnum
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Bahama Magnum
Depicted or described accessories are partly not included at delivery.
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Armaturen sind besonders beanspruchte Bauteile (z.B. Zugstangen, Bolzen etc.).
Diese werden standarmäßig in V2A-Edelstahl gefertigt. Für Orte mit hohem Salzgehalt in der Umgebungsluft (Küsten-/Inselgebieten, an Bord von Hochseeschiffen) bieten wir zusätzlich unsere Maritimausführung in V4A Edelstahl an.
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Portrait of the BaHaMa Magnum parasol

Magnum, this is the largest series from Bahama. The BaHaMa Magnum is a special heavy series, designed for year-round use.

Whoever is looking for an oversized All-weather umbrella all-weather umbrella, this parasol is the right choice this huge model is probably the largest parasol currently on the market. It is approved for Wind speeds of up to 130 km/h when open when open and can therefore withstand almost any weather. Accordingly, it is also suitable for year-round use and can even be used under adverse conditions, for example in ski resorts. It is available in either round or square shape and also the colour can be chosen individually.

The Year-round umbrella is also manufactured exclusively to order and must be installed with a stationary anchoring in the underfloor concrete foundation in order to withstand the guaranteed wind speeds.

Upgrading the Magnum special series with the right accessories

The size of the BaHaMa Magnum alone makes it an impressive sight, but if you want to offer your guests even more, you can also equip the large all-weather umbrella with the right accessories:

  • Ground Assembly Magnum - for the stationary installation of heavy all-weather constructions from BaHaMa
  • BaHaMa Heater - so that the guests in the gastronomy or hotel business do not have to freeze even at late hours or in colder seasons, the BaHaMa Magnum can be equipped with a high-quality heating system. Especially in transitional periods, this can generate additional turnover in the trade.
  • Special equipment LED light - an additional light directly under the canopy can ensure that many an evening in the outdoor area lasts even longer. The special light equipment from BaHaMa can therefore be easily attached to the Magnum and literally brings light into the darkness!
  • BaHaMa replacement coverings

More Information
Weight 1
Recommended use ? Hierbei handelt es sich lediglich um eine Nutzungsempfehlung, (des Herstellers bzw. der SunLiner GmbH) damit Sie möglichst lange Freude an Ihrem Schirm haben.
Private, Commercial
Umbrella type Umbrella, Giant umbrella, All-weather umbrella
Shape Round, Square, Angled
Crossings 16
Wind speed (open) Wind force: bft, Wind speed: km/h
Frame material High-grade steel, Aluminium
Frame (detail) e.g. colour, type of wood (ash,teak,hardwood),
Fabric quality All membranes concipated as one-piece and replaceable.
Water proof Absolutely water-repellent
UV-protection "ausgezeichnet", UPF +50, Ausnahme: 9577weiß "sehr gut", UPF 25-35, (DIN EN 13758)
Wind opening No
Valance ? ohne Volant (moderne Ausführung):
ohne Volant (moderne Ausführung)
mit Volant (klassische Ausführung)
mit Volant (klassische Ausführung)
Der Volant ist ein am Schirmende angebrachter Besatz, er ist vorranigig von optischer Bedeutung. Er bietet bei tiefstehender Sonne zusätzlich etwas mehr Schutz/Schatten. (I.d.R. ist der Volant zwischen 18-30cm hoch / je nach Modell)
depends on your choice
Umbrella cover Yes
Handling Crank, Motor
Height adjustable No
Total height (open) Total height of the OPEN screen in cm
Total height (closed) Total height for closed umbrella in cm
Weight (w/o packaging) ? Schirmgewicht (ohne Verpackung)
Weight (incl. packaging) ? inklusive Tranpostverpackung
Package size Length: cm, Width: cm, Height: cm
Protective cover Not included
Electronic extra equipment integrated LED light, Heater, Sound, Motor
Fundament size ? Bei Verwendung der optional erhältlichen Bodenhülsen, sollte ein Fundament mit nachstehenden Maßen erstellt werden
Length: cm, Width: cm, Depth: cm
Logo/advertising print Unfortunately logo/advertising print is not possible for this item
Spare parts All parts are easy to change
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