An offset umbrella impresses with an enormous size. But not only concerning the dimensions the Ambiente comes up with superlatives. With its classic and noble design it is able to integrate in all kind of architecture and creates an ambience that will simply enchant your guests. The Ambiente satisfies all gastronomes' needs. With its sunroof it is able to create a feeling of security and provides protection against both sun and weather. It can even master blasts with a wind speed of 40km/h.


Only if an umbrella of this size can be handled easily it can disburden the personnel. With a crank or optionally with a motor the roof of the Ambiente can be opened in no time. When it is closed it can hide behind chairs and tables. As the Ambiente can be rotated around its own axis it is possible to be responsive to customers' wishes without moving around the umbrella. Simply convenient and well-thought-out - simply Swiss quality.